Foam Machine

Foam Machine Rental

Rental price: $65/day + refundable deposit, does not include foam solution.
Foam Solution: $10 per single pack. Single pack gives about 30 minutes of foam.

Get ready for some fun for all ages! Our newest addition to Cake and Caboodle is our fun and fantastic foam machine! Great for all types of functions from birthday parties to school and church events. This foam machine will definitely bring out the kid in everyone!
  • light weight and sturdy and durable
  • portable user friendly and self-standing unit
  • hanging bracket, in-line mixing device, and hose included
  • This light and reliable unit transports in the front or back seat of a two door car.
  • You will need access to a hose with decent water pressure in order to pull the solution from the bucket to the fan.
  • Solution is biodegradable and the machine can be used either free standing or create some additional fun by adding your own slip and slide to the party!